Thursday, June 3, 2010

Automatic Jump Breaks - bxA2

bxA started out as an expandable post summary hack that required editing your template to paste in a bit of CSS, Javascript and XML[bxA].

bxA2 can be placed in an HTML/Javascript widget!

You can even use Blogger's jump break feature and bxA2 automatic jump breaks together!
Copy and paste everything in the box below into an HTML widget ...

How do I ...
  • How do I style my bxA2 jump breaks?
    • The variable bxA.vClass contains the style class name for your bxA2 jump breaks. The 'bxAlink' style can be used as an example to start with.
  • How do I force the summary to occur at a specific point?
    • Type in the code "[bxA]" anywhere in a post to override the automatic summary length or use a Blogger jump break!
    • To force a post to always display, type the "[bxA]" code at the end of the post.
  • How do I control whether to display a short post instead of displaying a summary?
    • The variable, bxA.vRatio, controls how much larger the post has to be than the summary. In the default code, it is set to '1.5', which means the raw text of the post has to be at least 1.5 times the size of the summary in order for the summary to be displayed with a bxA2 jump break.
  • How do I always display the summary and a bxA2 jump break, even if there are only a few words displayed after the bxA2 jump break is clicked?
    • Change the variable, bxA.vRatio, to '0.1'.
  • How do I turn off the default configuration and only have a summary appear on a post that I specifically want it to?
    • Change the variable, bxA.vRatio, to '100000'. Insert the "[bxA]" code into your posts where you want a summary to be displayed.

bxA2 has been tested, as of June 21st, 2010, using Windows XP and the most recent stable versions of: Safari, IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

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